Turf Care

Fertilization and Weed Control to Make Your Lawn Look its Best

iStock_000017580136XSmallApplication times are crucial in the lawn care business, and only the trained and licensed applicators know how to correctly assess and apply the needed fertilizer or herbicides.

Our proven and successful Turf Care Program is designed to provide your turf with the necessary nutrients to build a healthy root system providing you with a beautiful and radiant looking lawn.

Since there are many factors that go in to maintaining healthy turf grass, we would like to discuss with you any issues that may be present in your lawn at this time and what we can do to help.

iStock_000003453980XSmallWe also understand that there are different expectations as to what qualities a lawn should have. Diversified will put together a customized program that will satisfy your lawns individual needs.

Below is a detailed description of our proven and successful Turf Care Program

(6) Application Turf Fertilization / Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weed Control

We recommend (3-5) applications for consistant growth through out the growing season.

  1. 1st Application (April 5th – May 15th) – Complete fertilizer + Pre-emergent crabgrass control
  2. 2nd Application (May 1st – July 20th) – Balanced fertilizer + broadleaf weed control
  3. 3rd Application (July 20th – Aug 25th) – Balanced fertilizer + spot spray for weeds
  4. 4th Application (Aug 25th – Oct 10th) – Complete fertilizer + broadleaf weed control
  5. 5th Application (Oct 20th – Nov 15th) – Balanced winterizing fertilizer
  6. 6th Application (Optional) (July 10th – Aug 30th) – Lawn & Shrub insect control


iStock_000002110326XSmallSit back and let us take care of your lawn so you can enjoy it all summer long. Contact us with any questions you have.

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