Expert Mosquito Control & Insect Control Service Company in Shakopee

Diversified Mosquito & Turf offers mosquito and insect control services in the western Minneapolis suburb of Shakopee. We are the experts that rid your yard of mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other pesky insects.

We provide free estimates and our services are 100% guaranteed. Our experienced methods in the use of pesticides has evolved with almost six decades of experience in the outdoor mosquito control business.

Here are some of the service we offer in Shakopee.

Mosquito Control Shakopee, MN

Diversified Mosquito & Turf offers fully trained, experienced and licensed professionals that possesses ample knowledge of the lifecycle and habits of mosquitos in Shakopee. All our professionals receive up-to-the-minute training on the latest methods on effective home mosquito control in order to get rid of any infestation around your home. Our mosquito control spray applications are scheduled around 10 days apart and depending on the weather conditions, applications are effective for approximately 8-12 days. Once our product is applied and is dry (takes around 20 minutes), it is then safe for people, including kids and pets to enter the application area.

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Mosquito Prevention Services Shakopee

Mosquitoes in order to survive need three things and these are: food,  water and a place to breed. If we disrupt how the mosquito thrives we can reduce their numbers or eventually eliminate them from our property. We are the experts in Shakopee at mosquito prevention.

Insect Control Shakopee

Diversified Mosquito & Turf is a family owned local insect control company serving Shakopee that knows how to {effectively deal with|remove|banish|send away those] pesky insects. Our highly successful insect control program can provide the best protection for your family from insects such as mosquitos, ticks, spiders, aphids, mites and others.

Our insect control services are 100% guaranteed and we provide a free estimate. We are easy to find just search “insect control near me” from your phone or search for Diversified Mosquito & Turf Shakopee. Our season for spraying starts on May 1stand continues through September 30th. If you have an outdoor event, let us make it insect free. We can offer you an array of different options to ensure that your party goes through without any insect or pest worries.

Tick Control Shakopee

We provide effective deer tick control by focusing on two important aspects: removal of the current infestation and prevention of future occurrences. Aside from providing you with an effective solution to your tick problem, our team can also prevent them from returning by implementing measures that will make it difficult for them to gain a foothold again.

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