Victoria Insect Control and Mosquito Spraying Service

girl with mosquito bite, scratching hand has motion blurProtect your loved ones and/or ensure your event in Victoria is a success.

Nothing ruins a great social gathering, backyard picnic, special event or simply a BBQ night with your family like that familiar whine of a mosquito in your ear. Those of us who reside in Minnesota know that sometimes it’s regarded as our second state bird. It’s not only about mosquitoes however. All kinds of other outdoor bugs jeopardize the enjoyment of our brief summer along with your family’s health.

Lyme Disease, which is carried by the Deer tick, continues to be on a constant rise in the seven county Twin Cities Metro area the past few years. Encephalomyelitis and West Nile Virus are carried by the mosquito. These along with other insect transmitted diseases are concerns for Minnesotans every summer season.

Our company’s proven and successful mosquito & insect control spraying program is built to shield for you and your loved ones from exposure to mosquitoes, ticks, deer ticks, Japanese beetles, box elder bugs, Asian beetles, moles, and the emerald ash borer and a variety of other specifically selected insects.

Applications are scheduled about 10 days apart. Depending on the varying weather conditions, applications work well for about 8-12 days. As soon as the insect control spray is applied and is dry (which takes about 20 min), it is harmless for people, including kids and household pets, to go in the application area.

iStock_000004591761SmallMosquito migration takes place every evening at dusk. During migration female mosquitoes are feeding and may find you before they contact the sprayed surface area. You will note diminished protection for around 30 minutes.

Bee pollination is a very important process in the insect world. We are very mindful of the importance of their job and do not want to disrupt them in their critical purpose.

Our spraying season in Victoria Minnesota begins on May 1st and continues through September 30th.

We provide a number of options to protect your family and your events.

Full season insect (Mosquito) Control Yard Spraying Service for Victoria MN

Special Event 1 time application ideal for

  • outdoor weddings and receptions
  • block parties
  • family reunions
  • birthday parties
  • neighborhood bar-b-que
  • Any other festivity that will typically simply be a feast for the mosquitoes.

Enjoy your summer and protect your family today. Contact us with any questions or get a free quote!


Victoria Minnesota

Victoria is a city located in Carver County, Minnesota. Based on a 2010 census the population for this city was 7,345.  Victoria has been nicknamed “The City of Lakes and Parks” because it has over 200 acres (0.81 km2) of reserved land, thirteen parks and nine lakes within its borders. Victoria is also home to the 1,800-acre (7.3 km2) Carver Park Reserve. In the 1850s, Victoria’s rich soil attracted many farmers from Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Wheat was the main cash crop. Other early crops were potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and corn. The city is home to the co-ed college preparatory high school Holy Family Catholic High School. District 112 schools also have given the city an elementary school; Victoria Elementary, in 2005. Michael Diethelm is believed to be the first settler in Victoria after setting up a shelter for his wife and two children in 1851 near the present day St. Victoria Church. The city itself is named after the St. Victoria Church, built on 30 acres (120,000 m2) of land just north of Lake Bavaria in 1857. A year later, steamboats from St. Paul began bringing in additional supplies for early settlers. The settlement continued to grow from early farmers attracted by the city’s rich soil. Eventually the steamboats to Chaska and the St. Paul railroad helped transform the local area into its own thriving community.