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iStock_000004591761SmallNothing ruins a good party, outdoor picnic, special event or simply a BBQ night with the family like that familiar whine of a mosquito in your ear. Those of us who live in Minnesota know that sometimes its considered our “Second” state bird. It’s not just about mosquitos however. Many other outdoor pests threaten the enjoyment of our short summer as well as your family’s health.

Lyme Disease which is carried by the Deer tick has been on a steady rise in the seven county Metro area the past several years. Encephalomyelitis and West Nile Virus are carried by the mosquito. These and other insect transmitted infections are concerns for Minnesotan’s every summer season.

girl with mosquito bite, scratching hand has motion blurOur proven and successful mosquito & insect control program is designed to provide protection for you and your valuable landscape plants from the exposure to mosquitos, ticks, spiders, aphids, mites and a variety of other specifically selected insects.

Applications are scheduled approximately 10 days apart. Depending on the weather conditions, applications are effective for approximately 8-12 days. Once the product is applied and is dry (approximately 20 minutes), it is safe for people, including children and pets, to enter the application area.

Mosquito migration takes place each evening at dusk. During migration female mosquitos are feeding and will land on you before they contact the sprayed surface. You will notice reduced protection for around 30 minutes.

Bee pollination is a very critical process in the insect world. We are very aware of the importance of their job and do not want to disrupt them in their valuable purpose.

Our spraying season begins on May 1st and continues through September 30th.

We offer a number of options to protect your family and your events.

Enjoy your summer and protect your family today. Contact us with any questions or get a free no-obligation quote.

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